How To Write Effective Product Descriptions

Paul Wynter
July 31, 2020


The world of marketing and retail can depend on one concept to help sell their merchandise: product descriptions.Whether you're in the ever-growing world of eCommerce or looking at the more traditional catalogues, retail SEO is critical to getting as many conversions as possible. Not convinced that something this simple could work for converting views into sales? Take a look for yourself.

Why Product Descriptions are Important?

Technology has developed to the point where people are shopping from their phones or tablets almost exclusively. They're prone to swiping or tapping through, so they may only be on your product screen for a mere 1.5 seconds. The key to making them stay is the product description. Product descriptions offer:

• An engaging customer-focused conversation: Your customer wants — and needs — to be wooed. After all, they're taking a look a tall of your competition. You can draw them in by talking to them through the product description. The customer will feel they are important, and they'll take a look at the photos as well as any other details you want to feature.

• Reasons to buy your product: A product description is where you focus on showing your product's high points. Without the product description, customers won't know just how multi-faceted your product is. They'll be more likely to move on to another retailer who spells out what the customer wants and needs to know about their potential purpose. A picture may be worth at housand words, but pairing a photo with a great product description is going to be worth a whole lot more.

• Product descriptions give you SEO options: Perhaps one of the best perks of product descriptions, and one of the core reasons they're important, is that you get to put SEO keywords into the title and the description itself. This will help customers find you and translate to moresales.

• A chance to show your professionalism: If your friend is selling something online, they probably just have a photo with a few wordsabout the product listed. It looks amateur and can drive customers away. A product description is your opportunity to show the world that you are a true professional and take what you do seriously. This will help customers remember you and come back when they want more.

A lot of eCommerce stores put a lot of focus on photosand specs. These definitely have their role, but you also want to entice customers to stay on your page by having an engaging and professional qualityproduct description. Not only will they want to buy your product, but you'll alsoearn their respect as a professional eCommerce store. This all translates to more attention and better sales.

How to write top-quality Product Descriptions

Now that you're convinced about the true power of awell-written product description, you can take a look at the tips and tricks tomaking your product descriptions top notch. Here's what you'll want to keep in mind when writing or editing your descriptions:

• Pick (and use) your keywords carefully: Before writing your description, put some time and effort into keyword research. The keywordsshould relate to your product, but also focus on what people are searching for.This will drive eyes and attention to your product.

• Focus on short and sweet: Too often, people fill their product descriptions with flowery language and long, illustrative sentences.While it shows your writing skills, the goal is to sell your product, not toshow off your talents. Keep everything short and sweet: words, sentences,paragraphs and the description as a whole. Refine, edit and streamline wherever possible.

• Keep up to date on popular trends in descriptions:It's always a good idea to take a look at high selling products elsewhere andsee what they're doing. You could nab a few ideas from their techniques andapply them to your own product. Note: Don't directly steal phrases or words —Google will know — just use it as a starting point to upgrade your owndescriptions.

• Speak to your customer: Don't just list the featuresof the product. Tell your customer about them. Use comfortable and engaginglanguage like you're in the same room as them. This will sit better with the customer.

• Rely on influential words: Certain words will draw inthe reader even if they aren't entirely sure about you versus your competition.While influential words often change depending on the trends, some of the topones to work naturally into your product descriptions are sensational, quick,hurry, and revolutionary, amongst many others. The goal is to create a sense ofurgency in your shopper to buy now before they regret not snapping up yourproduct.

• Focus on the long-term goal: It can be easy to oversellyour product. Writing product descriptions is an art and it can take time andexperience for you to get it right. If you find your descriptions still aren'tconverting, take another crack at them. The traffic can often tell you what isworking and what isn't. Tweak and refine until the traffic and conversion ratestell you the right story. Use those results to improve your other descriptions.

Product descriptions will either compel your viewer tobuy, or they won't. While there is no science to it, there is art form towriting the best product descriptions. By understanding their importance aswell as taking a look at some of the essential features of a converting productdescription, you'll be able to make your own all the better. The better theyare, the more sales you'll get. In this dog-eat-dog eCommerce world where youneed to stand out, you can't ask for much more!

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