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Technology that helps you understand how users interact with your content and automatically generates content in response.

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How It Works


Our technology learns about your business by crawling your web pages and words.


Connect your Google Search Console data and web analytics.


Our AI Powered technology starts creating and testing content relevant for your business. Content includes product descriptions, meta tags, category descriptions and Alt-Text.The main objective is to help you increase traffic and drive more sales.


Our model takes a scientific approach to content creation by creating and testing the contents impact on search results and conversions. The necessary adjustments are then automatically made.


Get notified of opportunities to better optimize your content based on customer interactions, search analytics and real time trends on the internet.

Take A Data Driven Approach

Google Search Console Analytics helps you understand how your content is performing on Google search. On average, the first page of Google can generate up to 90% of website visits. Maximize your visibility by using Syntax IQ to understand which keywords drive traffic to your site and then taking action by generating content.

Increase Impressions

Our AI technology matches relevant, high-quality key phrases for your business to pages on your website.


Build personalized and targeted content campaigns based on geography. Match keywords with geography and let us generate the content.

Feedback Loop

Our AI feedback cycle will know what’s working and ensure those results are replicable in order to continue driving traffic

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