AI Copywriting in Your Voice

At the core of every brand is a voice. How you choose to express your brand and connect with your customers. Our goal is amplify that voice. Our technology creates tailored content for your audience in a style your customers have come to expect.

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Contextualized Content

Using our "Blocks" structure which tries to understand every single aspect of your business, the content created is personalized for your specific business.

Keyword Optimized

We include the most relevant keywords for not only the product but also the product category. We balance optimizing the keywords the specific channel with maintaining clear and concise content.

Buyer Persona

We categorize your product into a buyer persona before creation. Buyer Persona's represent the characteristics of your potential customer. The features that are most valuable to your them are highlighted.

Brand Voice

Our Style Transfer feature transfers your style and brand voice from the text you upload onto the content our technology. This helps maintain a consistent voice across channels you exist in.

Persuasive Writing

Our technology creates persuasive copy that focuses on highlighting the benefits of the product. Conveying to the potential buyer how purchasing the product will affect their day to day life.

Take A Data Driven Approach

Google Search Console Analytics helps you understand how your content is performing on Google search. On average, the first page of Google can generate up to 90% of website visits. Maximize your visibility by using Syntax IQ to understand which keywords drive traffic to your site and then taking action by generating content.

Increase Impressions

Our AI technology matches relevant, high-quality key phrases for your business to pages on your website.


Build personalized and targeted content campaigns based on geography. Match keywords with geography and let us generate the content.

Feedback Loop

Our AI feedback cycle will know what’s working and ensure those results are replicable in order to continue driving traffic

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