Guide to Digital marketing in Fashion

Paul Wynter
July 31, 2020

Now that you have created your fashion brand, how are you going to promote it to reach a wide audience base? In this era, your brand needs to have a digital presence, and without it, you are not going to make it! Clothing is indeed one of the essentials we all cannot live without, and this has led to the popping of innumerable fashion brands. So, it is crucial to identify your USP and promote it via digital marketing to individualize your brand from the rest.

What does digital marketing involve?

If you are new to this, you need to know the basics of this advanced form of marketing before moving forward. In simple words, if you want your potential customers to find your business on the internet, you would need to delve into digital marketing. In this way, you will be able to reach out to offshore customers as well. You would have to utilize the power of the internet so that people can find you and invest in your business without interacting with you face-to-face.

What are some of the effective digital marketing strategies you need to follow?

Whether your brand is a decade-old or yet to be launched, you can employ digital marketing in your business. However, to increase your brand awareness, just blindly implementing nay digital marketing plans would not be sufficient. To bring out the best in your brand, you would need to execute the following winning digital marketing tips:

1: Interact and engage

Most users need to hear from the brand they are considering, so don't miss interacting with your potential and existing buyers. You are giving them a sense of assurance about your product quality. There are several ways to go by this, but the easiest is by running campaigns on social media platforms. You can create trendy hashtags that resonate with the brand's attitude and urge users to add this in their posts. Alternatively, you can conduct contests on Facebook and giveaway attractive gifts to the winners and participants.

2: Team up with influencers

No matter how much you argue, influencers are a big thing nowadays when it comes to Fashion. If you manage to partner with the right ones, your brand will go viral for the right reasons. When choosing influencers, target fashion bloggers who have a large fan base. While doing that, ensure that your brand is resonating with their content, as this is equally important. If your chosen influencer does a great job in promoting your products, then voila, you will have fresh sales coming up!

3: Post style guides

If your brand offers an assortment of fashion items, you can post style guides on your website, and even Instagram handles. You can illustrate how to carry off your clothing or even incorporate your styles in their existing wardrobe uniquely in such guides. But launching just a single guide would not be enough, so you will have to show consistency. You can make style guides for special occasions like marriage or festivals like Christmas. However, the wise option would be to post a style guide every season, like summer, spring, etc.

4: Promotions during holiday

Shopping before festivals and holidays is a habit that we can't seem to get rid of, and you will have to make most of it. Start offering them special discounts on your products so that they will not wish to switch over to your competitor brands. To make the promotion easily understandable and equally attractive, you can offer discounts on different product categories every day. For example, you can select day 1 for offers on apparel and day 2 for shoes, and so on. But before the sales starts, make sure to email your subscribers so that they can invite their shopaholic friends to your website.

5: Posts videos regularly

No matter how enriching your text content is, some internet users might skip this without even looking at it. On the contrary, customers are always willing to watch videos from their favorite brands. But that is to say, don't launch videos with irrelevant or indecent content as it might act against your favor. You can make video ads before launching new collections. By creating engaging videos, you will grab the users' attention while letting them know about your latest offerings.

6: Send coupons on birthdays.

Let's admit that we love to get pampered with personalized wishes and gifts on our birthdays. So you have to apply the same thing to win over your customers' hearts. It is pretty simple to execute because you will get to know about the birth date from the newsletters filled by your customers. Make sure to keep track of it and send them a lovely greeting along with a birthday special coupon code applicable for that day only. You can determine the effectiveness of this strategy by monitoring whether the coupon codes you have sent were applied during the transactions.

7: Email to prevent cart abandonments

You will often find a customer who has sent products in the cart but have left your website without completing the transaction. To trigger such customers, you will have to send reminder emails to go back and complete the transactions. Make sure to send the emails in intervals and not every day as the users might unsubscribe from your mailing list!

Digital marketing is a pretty easy process to increase the sales of your brands. While you don't have to follow all the strategies altogether, start by implementing a few of the strategies and assess each one's performance.