Using Twitter Effectively For E-Commerce

Paul Wynter
July 31, 2020

The Internet has been playing a significant role in today’s world. It is not only a source of data, information, and knowledge but plays a vital role in the economic development of the country. E-commerce, commonly known as electronic business, allows you to buy and sell things over the Internet. Starting a business on a social media platform will help you to rise. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram are effective social media platforms to reach out to millions of people. There's no doubt that Twitter is becoming a platform for many growing e-commerce businesses.

It is an American microblogging and social networking site. Twitter is a platform where people post and interact via Tweets. The 140 character long tweets can help you to share information about relevant resources and websites. Besides, having popularity in academics, politics, and general public platform, Twitter is rising above all. It is giving your e-commerce business a new edge.

Why Twitter?

No doubt, Twitter allows you to promote your research through links to your blog stories and journal articles. You can connect and reach out to a lot of people through tweets and retweets. It serves as a great source of marketing. Twitter not only increases your sales but brings traffic to your profile. With the help of twitter, you can get your brand out in the world. According to statistics, 80% of the total population browse Twitter on their mobile devices. More than 60% of brands use Twitter Marketing.

How to enhance your twitter profile for e-commerce business?

Setting up a proper twitter account is the first and necessary step to drive more e-commerce sales. Let us look at the effective ways to enhance your twitter account so that you can increase your sales.

Improve your profile:

Make sure to design an eye-catching profile. Set the Twitter username as that of your store name. It will help people to recognize your profile easily. Give a brief description of your store. We all know that Twitter is all about hashtags. Using a proper hashtag for your keyword can make your profile discoverable. To add more authenticity, do not forget to mention yourself in the profile section. Also, attach some cover photos to make it visually attractive.

Optimize your SEO:

SEO makes your profile visible on the first page of search results. There are various methods to optimize your SEO. For example, make sure to use the right keyword for your product. When people search with the product they want to buy, and your account will come on the first page.

Create hashtag campaigns:

Twitter gives you a chance to establish your branch through hashtags. Follow these simple steps if you are attempting to create your hashtags. They must be unique from the other trending hashtags. It should be business-relevant. Using catchy words and phrases is a good sign of trendy hashtags. Twitter helps its users to discover your product through hashtags.

You must learn how to use your twitter account for mentions:

Learn to mention influencers in your posts. If they end up liking your post, this will increase your follower’s base. Make agreements with the famous twitter influencers. In turn, they will promote your product. But always try to work with influencers who are ready to work and make no vague promises. Never force them to say in favor of your products.

Try using the Direct Messages

Try using the direct messages or DM, a common twitter terminology, to handle your brands’ problems. Through DMs, you can have a one-on-one conversation with your clients and customers. It helps you to engage with your fan base. DMs don’t have any character limitations. Hence, you can talk your heart out with complete freedom. Set your Twitter account to receive DMs from everyone on Twitter.

Add colorful photos and GIFs:

Online tools help to create graphics and images for your tweets. Graphics and GIFs are a great way to create a connection with your followers.

Use Twitter cards to improve your visibility:

You must be wondering what twitter cards are? It is a protocol that allows you to add photos and media. It serves as a pathway to drive traffic to your twitter account and is great for your SEO strategy. It not only boosts up your sales but also increases product visibility.

Market your Twitter ads:

The variety of ads depends solely on the objective. Make sure your ads are not lengthy and tedious. Twitter users carve concise content. So they must be short and sweet. Try to be friendly, human, and approachable through your ads.

Boosting your e-commerce business using Instagram shoppable posts

This social media platform has welcomed numerous certified sellers and brands. More than 200 million daily Insta users scroll at least one business page
Data shows that more than 70% of shopaholics use Instagram to get fashionably updated. It has also been noticed that more than 130 million users click on shoppable posts once per month. Once upon a time, Instagram was trending for attracting more customers and showcasing your products so that they are motivated towards your website. However, there was a change in 2017. Shopping on Instagram has helped millions of brands to change their business profiles to virtual shops. Users can see, like, share, comment, purchase under one roof.
Thus, if you have the right motivation to generate revenue, the opportunities with Instagram is enormous.

1. Strategies to use twitter effectively for marketing your ecommerce business

Strategies are the foundation for success. You must spend your time researching before you plan to start anything. Having a proper twitter marketing strategy is essential.

Setting goals on your twitter account:

It is the first step to create a positive impact on your business. Your goals should be specific, clean, and time-bound.

You must tweet at least five times a day:

Always try to be consistent in what you are doing. The same goes for your Twitter account. Tweeting helps you get more exposure, followers, and re-tweets. Often people forget to tweet; it is advisable to schedule your tweets in advance. It will make your work easier.

Do your research correctly:

Gather all the information about your competitor and plan your strategy accordingly. Researching gives you better insight and teaches you better marketing content.

Auditing is essential

It is vital to know if your e-commerce organization is having one or more than one existing Twitter accounts. You need to document all of them and gather the engagement rate, how often the account tweets, and the count of followers? Auditing your account can set a baseline for your performance.

Host a live Twitter chat:

A Live Twitter chat can bring you close to your customers. You can schedule a Twitter chat so that everyone participates.

Get verified on Twitter:

People often look for the verified profiles when they plan to purchase any product. Verified profiles make them double-sure that your company or organization is genuine and authentic. To get the blue badge of verification beside your Twitter username, you must send a profile verification application to Twitter. The essential criterion to get verified depends on the size of your company.

2. Tips and tricks for using twitter account for your e-commerce

Download the mobile twitter app:

Twitter account is integrated with the web platform. So tweeting from your mobile becomes more manageable and is almost seamless.

Never try to buy your twitter followers:

Fake followers will not interact with your brand, and your business can decline rapidly. It might look tempting to have a million fake followers, but it is not worth it.

Create and add a twitter widget to your website:

It is an excellent way of showing those who visit your website that you’re socially active on twitter. Create your personalized Twitter widget with the help of online tools.

Build a profile:

It is necessary to build a profile that stands out. Do not forget to upload pictures for your banner and profile.

3. Advantages of using Twitter for e-commerce business

Nowadays, business owners are turning twitter as a useful marketing tool. Let us look at the wide range of advantages that people are getting from Twitter.

Increases customer satisfaction:

Twitter serves as an excellent platform for your customers to follow your business updates in real-time. You would be wondering how the customer’s reaction can help you. Well, it is two-way communication. Use this opportunity to adjust your business activities instantly. Twitter helps you to search for business-related conversations and allows you to respond to feedback. In this way, you can manage your customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Generates and increases traffic for your local store and website:

Using twitter as your business can serve a great way to attract people’s attention. You can showcase special offers on your twitter account and redirect your customer to your website or local store for more information. Let’s take an example; posting a questionnaire on your website and giving credit points to people to complete them can be valuable. It will help your tweets to spread on Twitter in no time.


Anybody can sign-up on twitter for free. Setting up a twitter account will charge you zero. You can enable notifications and receive the tweets via your mobile. Twitter will cost zero additional charges for text messages. You must have a stable internet connection pack.

Strengthens your connection:

You can grow both locally and globally. It helps to strengthen your connection with your local community. All you need to do is include your local store location in your tweets, and your followers will know.

Builds brand identity:

Twitter acts as a platform to help you establish your brand identity. Small e-commerce businesses need to showcase their expertise and trustworthy suppliers in their industry. Twitter can help them increase their credibility and reputation. Besides knowing the advantages, it is equally important to know the challenges one can face here.

Negative criticism:

Social media platforms bring in negative criticism too. Customer’s negative feedback about a product can reflect poorly on your business. Learn how to deal with complaints and turn the negative into a positive impact on your reputation.

Word limitation:
  • You can tweet with a 280 character limit. Hence, it would help if you learned to communicate efficiently with less word count.
  • Being a powerful marketing tool, Twitter can improve brand awareness and engage your audience. It helps you to create personal relationships with your followers. Follow the basic tricks and strategies to get started with sharing your content on twitter. You can see yourself grow your business today.

4. Contests and gift hamper on Instagram.

  • Shopaholics love participating in contests and winning gift hampers. Through Instagram, throwing such a contest bash can give your website a heads up. You can host contests and announce gift hampers on purchasing your newly launched products.
  • For example, customers will be awarded new products if they answer a few simple questions regarding your website. Using a trendy hashtag facility, you can reach out to the millions of Instagram users.
  • You can also increase traffic on your e-commerce store by giving Instagram users promotional offer codes like 50% to 70% discount on the first purchase. This can make customers explore your website.

5. Showcasing the usage and details of your products using Insta videos.

As Instagram is a video sharing and uploading platform, e-commerce companies can make fair use of this feature. Uploading video tutorials of your products can help the customers to know the better usage. Though every product on Instagram has descriptive bios under the posts, videos will be a visual treat. For example, your website has launched new acne preventing cream. Through a video, you can discuss how to use the cream, its ingredients, benefits, and availability. An eye-catching descriptive product video can increase the rate of purchase of your products.

6. Adding authenticity to your websites.

  • Your When sharing your product posts, you should not miss the chance to connect with the mass. You do not have to post skilled photoshopped videos or photos. Post some thoughtful audio or video or text with your product with which your customers can relate.
  • Moreover, Instagram is a fantastic platform where you can connect with millions of users emotionally. You must consider that many Instagram users care about website authenticity rather than just how the product looks.
  • Let your customers know about your website, how it started, and how it works now. You can also share extra points like who inspired you and many more. This can help to increase the authenticity of your store.

7. Establishing a signature style on your Instagram business page.

Having a consistent aesthetic will help your business create awareness of your brand and give you a unique identity. Not only it gives your customers a great surfing experience, but a unique signature will help them to locate your brand quickly. It also adds to a mesmerizing feed. Your style of the signature should perfectly go with the type of business you are in. Unique signatures help your customers to identify your brand on other social sites as well. Besides, an eye-catching signature of your website helps you to stand out among the other business websites.

8. User-generated content on Instagram

Another masterstroke feature on Instagram has to be the user-generated content when it comes to promoting your products. User-generated content is related to those posts and videos which get created to showcase your products. Not solely do such posts give new, real pictures, they conjointly boost your trustworthiness. When actual buyers post pictures of your products, that is where the success of your business lies. Photos from actual buyers create trust and give more value to your brand.

9. Using Instagram advertising features.

  • Instagram is a power-packed social marketing app that has stuffed fantastic photo editing tools to help retailers advertise. Instagram’s feature of advertising is a paid promotional feature. With this feature, Instagram will maximize your reach and help you get more Instagram followers.
  • On Instagram, your website posts and images are only available to them who follow your website. However, paid promotions with Instagram will help you get advertised to a broader audience who are not yet following you.
  • Taking help from the paid advertisements to reach out to the target audience can get you more traffic to your Instagram page and follow it.

10. Being active and posting regularly

  • Creating a business page on Instagram and stuffing with loads of products on your page does not end your job. Being a business person, you must be active on the page so that you can reach out to most of the customers via posts and comments. Updating your customers with new offers and new arrivals helps to maintain your followers.
  • According to a Tailwind study, there is a direct relation to posts’ availability and increased followers. Besides, eCommerce websites on Instagram have seen maximum follower growth by posting regularly.
  • However, it is not necessary to post daily. Plenty of fortunate Instagram retailers post less than usual, but still, they are enjoying Instagram valuably. The only secret is how frequently and relevantly you are posting to see the revenue and follower growth.
  • Today, brands are no longer relying on Facebook platforms alone to reach the maximum number of audiences. They are actively taking Instagram’s help into their social media, promoting campaigns to achieve massive revenue for a business.
  • To analyze the continuous growth with Instagram is crucial to improve your ideas and give you better performance. Following how customers react to your posts on Instagram will also help you make constant changes to become a customer-oriented company.