Starter Guide To SEO On BigCommerce

Paul Wynter
July 31, 2020

Do you think of establishing an eCommerce business? The easy-to-use store builder, BigCommerce, has simplified the process of building an online store without technical skills. However, how do you make your store SEO-friendly? Without SEO functionality, you cannot get traffic to your store. Although you have created an interactive store design, you need to focus on the Search Engine Optimization campaign. Let us present you with a brief guide on making your BigCommerce store optimized for the natural search result.

Refine your site performance- For better BigCommerce SEO

Page performance is one of the major SEO factors for your eCommerce platform. However, faster page loads also ensure a lower bounce rate. In other words, customers will not leave your site to reach your competitors’ stores.

But, how do you ensure the best performance of your BigCommerce site?

Starters find it easy to compress their image files with CompressPNG and other tools. The good news for you is that some BigCommerce templates include Akamai Image Manager, one of the automated image optimizers.
Moreover, you have to keep your codes clean and uncomplicated. What’s more, it is important to choose web fonts that do not affect the site loading speed. Another trick for you is to turn on Accelerated Mobile Pages to make sure that mobile users do not face the page loading issues.


As per the latest algorithm updates, websites with a Secure Socket Layer get a higher priority than those of non-secure ones. Besides, web browsers do not prefer non-secure sites and display a warning message to internet users. Thus, make your BigCommerce site secure with this SSL technology.
You have three options available to get SSL.
• Standard BigCommerce packages include site-wide SSL
• Make a deal with BigCommerce to buy a more advanced certificate.
• Look for third-party security technology.
The encryption technology is highly important, especially when you are developing a brand new Bigcommerce store. It is the best way to start SEO from the moment you are setting up the store.

Page titles optimization- Know the tricks

The title of your eCommerce web page is the most valuable element, as Google relies on it to categorize your page and rank it. Make sure that your Bigcommerce post titles and page titles are precise and relevant. Additionally, you have to write the title in a way that it starts with the primary keyword.
For a BigCommerce site, you have three ways to edit page titles-
• Product pages- From your dashboard, choose the Products option. For the right product and hit the SEO tab.
• Blog posts- Visit Store Front and then click on Blog. Find the post and alter the title.
• Static pages (Contact Us and About Us)- Go to Store Front and then click on Web Pages. After locating the page, you can hit the title and choose- Advanced Options. You will find a space for adjusting the title.

Add attractive Meta descriptions for products and pages

A Meta description is a concise summary of a webpage, and you can find it below the clickable link on the SERP page. Google declares that this description does not affect the website rank. However, it encourages users to click on the link and visit the site. As the CTR is one of the SEO ranking factors, you cannot overlook the Meta description.
Rules for writing a meta description-
• Must be highly accurate
• Not more than 160 characters
• Should include the keyword
• Outline your webpage content

Know the proper use of headings

Most of the eCommerce store owners do not focus on these headings. You have to know the right rules for writing H1 and H2 headings. Your webpage may contain more than 2 headings. Still, H1 holds the highest importance, and you can include H1 once for every page.
Without perfect headings, you can find an effect on the esthetic value. Moreover, visitors will face visual issues in reading those headings. Most importantly, the search engines cannot understand the content. Thus, for BigCommerce SEO, you have to take time to write headings.

Write quality content and build backlinks

Several e-retail owners concentrate too much on product catalogues, including keywords, images, and descriptions. However, it is also essential to post informative blogs with relevant keywords. Post your blogs regularly and build backlinks to those posts.

Add Alt tags to your product image descriptions

You know that it is vital to add product photos for your eCommerce website visitors. However, you must also add Alt attributes to those images. It enables the search engines to interpret your images. You may include any related keyword to these Alt tags. We have wrapped up the most important steps for BigCommerce SEO. Our easy-to-understand guide will help startups to raise their SEO ranking. Based on our instructions, you may adjust your website and wait for the result.