Use Computer Vision To Understand Creative Impact

Syntax IQ is a content automation platform that uses AI to understand your business, create content in your brand voice and then optimize based on your business analytics.

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Measure What Matters In Your Creative

Our creative analytics gathers useful data that makes it easier for you to market your brand. By leveraging data, you can quickly find our what creative your audience is responding to and how to optimize your content in the future for maximum reach. Better creative, faster creative decisions, and greater brand reach.

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better insights over time

Computer Vision Model That Grows With You

At Syntax our goal is help you tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience. Our creative insights gives you data you need to design creative that converts. The model learns more about your audience over time so you can keep creating impactful content.

Creative Insights
Better understand your creative with actionable insights.
Optimize your Marketing
Use insights to simplify and increase the effectiveness of your brand marketing.
Creative your Audience Wants
Identify patterns from your best performing creative and better predict what content your audience is looking for.

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