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Syntax IQ is a content automation platform that uses AI to understand your business, create content in your brand voice and then optimize based on customer insights.

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Website content

Product Descriptions in Seconds

It's easy to skip over product descriptions. But that is a mistake when it comes to SEO. Our AI creates clear and concise descriptions that are the optimal length and include relevant keywords. The descriptions improve your search ranking and also provide information about the features and the benefits of your products to helps buyers make a purchasing decision

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Paid Ads

Generate Ads That Sell Itself

Use Syntax IQ's automated ad platform to create ads that will drive revenue with smart, thoughtful and more engaging content.

Automatically create vibrant digital campaigns
With a few simple clicks our AI system can generate visually stunning campaigns using your brand assets.
Optimized campaigns
Easily create multiple ad creatives to better optimize your campaigns.
Increase the conversion rate
Ad copy that speaks to and engages with your audience and drive traffic to your site.

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