Double Your Web Traffic

Content marketing is tremendously important for your store. It's the art of creating content to increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your store. Our SEO Ecommerce platform automates all that for you.
Reach New Audiences

Reach new audiences by advertising on new channels such as Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok

Deep Insights

Get deeper insights into your products and business with our Syntax Trends Engine that surfaces new trends.

Language Insights

Eliminate guesswork and understand what language or tone works for your products

Facebook Ads

Run campaigns and advertise products in 3 clicks. Set your budget, select your products and click away.

AI Powered content creation

Layer AI Tools on top of Shopify

Get more sales with content geared toward increasing your customers' interest in your products. Our platform learns about your products and works to create the right content, then push it to your selling channels. Your store becomes a vibrant hub instead of just another online seller.

Shopify Blog
Take the built in Shopify blog one step further and build your audience with personalized blog content.
Too Many Shopify Apps?
Consolidate your Shopify apps with an all in one Shopify platform that helps you move faster.
Looking for Shopify Experts?
A platform built for Shopify by Shopify merchants, our support team is here to help you at every step of the way.
Creative insights

Listen To Your Customers By Analyzing Your Messaging Using AI

Get deeper insights into whats working and whats not with our insights engine powered by AI. Whether its ad copy or creative, understand how and when it's performing.

Video and Creative Insights
Breakdown the tone and feel of your videos and images
Ad Copy Insights
Understand the tone and way you speak to your audience
Social Media Insights
Learn what post's are working with deeper insights