Generate Marketing Copy In Sheets

Connecting Syntax IQ to Google Sheets takes just a few minutes, and lets you create a variety of content automatically in the Google Sheets fields you specify.
Build Customer Personas

Create AI Powered Content specifically for Personas or customers you build on the Syntax Platform

Scheduled Planning

Plan, create or schedule any type of content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest in your Google Sheets.

Product Trends Directly in Google Sheets

Get Product trends or keywords directly placed in your Google Sheets

Google Sheets Automation

Automate Your Entire Business in Google Sheets

AI Powered content creation

Seamless Integration

If you know how to use a Google spreadsheet, you know how to use Syntax IQ. Instead of forcing you to use yet another platform, our product literally lives inside Google Sheets. Configure the Actions you want and get started in minutes.

No Coding or Machine Learning Knowledge Required.
With our no code platform, it's easy to leverage the power of AI and move faster.
Automate Repetitive Tasks
Automate repetitive tasks involved in using Google Sheets and make your work easier.
Aggregate Marketing Campaigns
Creative insights

Listen To Your Customers By Analyzing Your Messaging Using AI

Get deeper insights into whats working and whats not with our insights engine powered by AI. Whether its ad copy or creative, understand how and when it's performing.

Video and Creative Insights
Breakdown the tone and feel of your videos and images
Ad Copy Insights
Understand the tone and way you speak to your audience
Social Media Insights
Learn what post's are working with deeper insights