AI Stack

100+ AI Powered Actions

Why spend time building complex automation that is just going to break? Our AI powered actions are great for any workflow and help you focus on what matters most.

AI Copywriting

Use AI to understand your business, create content in your brand voice and optimize based on customer insights.

Creative Insights

Use computer vision to understand creative impact and take action that increases efficiency as well as sales.

Language Insights

Figure out what words and tone are working with natural language processing that analyzes the efficacy of the content you created.

AI Image Creation

Convert impressions into customers by creating engaging visual content in seconds. Overcome ad fatigue by generating fresh and appealing creative.

Product Trends

Elevate your marketing strategy and expand your brand's reach by creating content based on the words and topics your customers are looking for. 

Ads Automation

Drive results by reaching interested customers with precise targeting and data driven insights.

SEO Optimization

Take a data driven approach to content creation with AI powered actions that drive your pages higher in search.

AI Powered content creation

Focus On The Channels and Tools You Need

Optimize the Syntax platform for the channels you care about the most.

AI That Grows With You
Syntax IQ continuously learns and adapts based on the content you have accepted.
Any Channel
Generate for the channels that your customers are on.
Brand Voice
Maintain a distinct voice and feel across all your product descriptions with our Style Transfer software.

How It All Works

With you at every step of the content journey
Syntax continuously learns from how consumers are interacting with your business and works to achieve a constant state of self-development to help businesses ideate in their brand voice and get the most of their content.
Descriptions, videos, social media or any other content. Syntax will generate all the content you need using AI powered technology. Scale up or down according to your needs.
Uncover insights across your business in real time. With our proprietary language and creative understanding engine, start translating words into meaningful information. Then let our learning AI model take care of the heavy lifting by creating dynamic content.
Let our technology generate new and unique content in response to the customers interaction. Give the right content to the right consumer in the right place.

Integrate Your Favourite Tools

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